i’m scared that these thoughts will never leave me

i’m scared that i will move through life controlled by illness

i’m scared i won’t ever be able to live life to the fullest

i’m scared that no matter how much people love me i will never be able to love myself

i’m scared that i’ve fucked up too much already

i’m scared that “better” won’t be good enough

i’m scared that this just isn’t worth it



the fear of never getting better

haunts me

i worry that i may improve

but fall short of my desire

to live fully and freely


i am scared of my inability

to get beyond this

that i will forever be

defined by my illnesses

that i will never

escape the depths of despair


if i don’t fully overcome this

then i might as well be dead

because as far as i’m concerned

i haven’t been truly alive for years

i exist but do not live


i am plagued

by the uncertainty of recovery

what that looks like for me

i am concerned

that i won’t meet my aspirations in life

and that the reasons i recover(ed) for

won’t manifest

that i will be left with a life

that is still not enough


i fear that i will never be enough





my world grew smaller

at first it wasn’t obvious

but slowly the walls closed in

i began to restrict




until numbness was

all that was left


i’m my biggest competition

always wanting to do more

be more

beat previous records

feel a sense of accomplishment

temporarily, that is

because the bar would be

raised even higher the next day


i grew smaller

i lost sight of who i was

i became overwhelmed by illness

i betrayed my body

i punished myself out of self hatred


i regrew

equally if not more difficult

than disappearing

my fears became my reality


the thoughts still remain

i don’t want to be here

i don’t want to be anywhere

i cannot believe how drastically

my life had changed

i used to believe i could be



find joy and hope and love


yet i still don’t know who i am

i am still overwhelmed by illness

i still betray my body

(and also feel betrayed by it)

i still harbor self hatred


my wounds are raw

i will spend the rest of my life


and re-healing



i just want to scream

it is so frustrating being trapped

in this body

in this mind

in this life


it’s absurd

the obsessions

the intrusive thoughts

the fixation on insignificant things


you don’t need to tell me

my body does not define my worth

my appearance does not alter people’s love for me

i’ve heard it all before


yet day in and day out

i long to tear apart my body

to cease existing


i am so ashamed of where i am at

i am so lonely

and ashamed for being lonely


the emptiness and the darkness

follow me throughout my day

and stay with me even during the night

i cannot escape from this life